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    House sales number in Alanya 2015-2016

    Despite the global economic crisis and the hostile propaganda with European media Alanya property market "stand on its own two feet" and does not lose positions. Quality of life on the Mediterranean is growing and developing, and foreign nationals are still investing in their health and the health of their children, they are buying property in Alanya with favourable prices!

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    Turkey is undoubted leader!

    In February 2017, for russian people Turkey became the most frequently requested in the Internet resources foreign destination for holidays. Compared to January 2017, the requests were 83.7% more, and compared to February 2016, tours to this country, the Russians were looking for 747.9% more often. The most popular resorts of the country are Kemer (90.6% more users than the month before), Alanya (44.6% growth), and Antalya - (up 47% y / y). We look forward to see you in our beautiful Alanya!

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    In Turkey, house sales increased by 12.8% in January 2017 compared to the same month of the previous year and hence, became 95 389.

    For the house sales of January 2017, İstanbul had the highest share of house sales with 16.6% and 15 807 sold house. The followers of Istanbul were Ankara with 10 686 house sales and 11.2% and İzmir 5 665 house sales and 5.9%. The least house sold provinces were Hakkari with 8 house sales, Ardahan with 11 house sales, Şırnak with 48 house sales. In January 2017, 1 386 houses were sold to foreigners In house sales to foreigners became 1 386. İstanbul was the first province with 441 sales in January 2017. The followers of İstanbul were Antalya with 264 house sales, Bursa with 137 house sales, Ankara with 72 house sales, Sakarya with 70 house sales and Yalova with 62 house sales.

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    Turkey intends to promote the country not only as a beach destination.

    In order to increase the flow of the main European markets, Germany and the UK, Turkey intend to change the advertising strategy and promote the country not only as a beach destination. Emphasis will be made on recreational, gastronomic and historical tourism. As the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Nabi Avci said, "Turkey is not just sea, sand and sun", but also rich in history and culture: these factors, according to him, will help position the country as a year-round tourist area.

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    Turkey - leader of the Russians early booking!

    At the moment, Turkey's share in the total sales of tour operators is 50%. The remaining 25% of sales occur in Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, etc.

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